I had never used a funding company for any of my clients before and after the horror stories I had heard I had reservations.

Paula Richardson

Richardson, Barber & Williamson, PSC

Counselor Capital is a great resource to advance your case & easily obtain case financing. Their strength is that they are a very friendly group & really accommodating to attorneys.

R. Scott Wilder

Gambrel & Wilder Law

Thanks to financial aid from CC, I effectively litigated a complex personal injury case that settled for over a million dollars. The playing field is leveled for small firms.

Daniel Moriarty

Moriarty Law Office

The Folks at Counselor Capital are superb. They have come in and gotten to know the business of my firm, offered services that makes my life easier and help insure our firm will be the most successful it has ever been!

Mike Kelly

MK Law Group

The employees at Counselor Capital are always available to assist us with any concerns and the relationship we have developed with them has been great. I would recommend them to any firm.

Sam Aguiar


The folks at Counselor Capital have always been there when I needed them. Counselor Capital took the time to understand my practice and my specific needs, and my clients and firm have benefitted immeasurably from it.

Jasper D. Ward, IV


Counselor Capital, LLC is your one source for all your firm's financial needs. We offer a variety of services to help you grow your practice and maximize its profitability. We can assist your firm in a variety of ways; with legal expense financing, structured settlement services, retirement planning and investment advisory, and we also have a complete line up of insurance services to help protect your practice. Counselor Capital, LLC can consolidate the services you are currently using to a single point of contact to help you save time and provide services you may currently not be using to help your firm reach its full potential.